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Why there is so much crap here …

2009: As you, the casual visitor will discover, there are way to many snap shots and all in all a poor representation of ART.

But this site wasn’t put together for the casual visitor, but for family and friends, and even so, there is just to much junk. This was done intentionally.

2010: Initially I tried to just have a few pictures to show an event or person as a specific time or place and soon discovered that the kids and other family members wanted to make prints of what they found and more importantly, what they didn’t find. Who was I to decide what they wanted to see and share. So in that vein, I have posted a whole lot of crap (photo wise) and a whole lot of memories for years to come.

2011: After working on the site for over a year, I started over. I got organized and instead of posting a picture here or there I opted to organize and edit the exif data to include the captions and name the hard drive folders the same as here. Then after a section was done, I deleted what was here and re-posted what was on the hard drive. In doing this I can now give the kids there own external hard drives that mirror what is here and after I am gone and someone forgets to pay for the domain and this all disappears, they will still have a copy.

2017: Well the site is dying, the software Gallery 3 was great but development and support stopped in 2014. Only 3 years but we have gone from php  to more advanced php. Movies that where viewed with Flash, no longer supported. The captions and titles no longer show and the list goes on. Time to work on the replacement, probably WordPress with Nextgen Gallery driving the galleries and albums. Movies converted back to MP4’s. When all done, it will once again be archaic but hopefully the upgrade path with be an import, not a re-write and upload.

2018: Started Thanksgiving 2017: Skip, my brother sent me the Kahlo scrapbook. A picture album compiled by Jimmie (Agnes) Kahlo, my grandmother. I’ll post a picture of the book but in the mean time think 11×17 with 220 plus pages of snap shots going back to about 1910. Need pictures of the Indianapolis speedway races, circa 1931, I have them.Sadly there aren’t a lot of comments and those that are here are faded and in my grandmothers scratching (and I thought my hand writing sucked). About 50 percent of the book consist of pictures of their children and grandchildren.  Sadly both Uncle Jack and Aunt Margie’s daughters (Pamela and Debbie Kahlo) have passed away as well as all of my Aunts and Uncles and Mom and Dad. But there still a lot of cousins that can find old family pictures of their parents and themselves. Probably most of the pictures have never been seen by them..

The site is current up through 2009. I have a mirror site running on a faster server where I will build 2010 on, have grand children weddings, etc. to get caught up on. Should be done and this site updated by the end of January 2018.

I don’t think I live in the past, but our heritage is important. Maybe my grand kids won’t know anything, but at least my kids will.

William Kahlo Jones